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   shandong taian hongxing manufacturing co, ltd. has provided superior quality cooling products with exceptional service since 1995. we carry automotive, forklift, construction machines, industrial and agricultural cooling products such as radiators,charge air coolers and a/c condensers as well as manufacture custom radiators from customer specifications.truly a full service radiator company driven by knowledgeable management, professional engineering team and efficiency customer service department. we dedicate ourselves to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction by meet and exceed our customers,expectations.60,000 ft2 of manufacturing shop floor lets skilled employees combine design and technology with our advanced nocolok soldering production line to manufacture 300,000 pieces of radiators every year.hongxing manufacturing always focus on design and manufacture high performance radiator by innovation on special tube and fin design and welding process. certified is09001:2000 and 1so/ts16949make sure quality of all our radiators meet and exceed customers ,requirements.our new warehouse in windsor, canada will lets the company a global supplier to serve our customers at higher level.

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